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Gestalt is a business strategy consultancy launched in 1998. Our mission is to successfully address the needs of South Africa’s rapidly changing business environment by anticipating and identifying areas critical for sustained profit growth.

Gestalt alerts clients to these opportunities and assist them in realising optimal business benefits.

The cornerstone of Gestalt’s strength in the market is broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) transformation and the resultant re-positioning of organisations that conduct business in South Africa.

Gestalt’s structured models have a proven track record: They have shown themselves to be an effective contributor to successful partnership formation for both multinational and local businesses. Our models not only identify compatible partners, but help to bed down relationships that unlock maximum potential from South Africa’s dynamic domestic market.

Our business tools are designed to help businesses unravel the complexities of B-BBEE charters and government regulations.

Successful deployment of these tools transforms the ‘challenge’ of compliance into a platform for measurable competitive advantage in sectors across the South African economy.

Gestalt’s offering is far more than consultancy services. The vital aspects of implementation is another of our specialist areas, using effective business transformation models to improve business competitiveness and compliance while growing shareholder value.

These models take a logical and comprehensive approach to the task of designing, developing, supporting and implementing best practice transformation policies.

As a result, our clients are able to shape B-BBEE into their competitive advantage and brand edge, as a business imperative.

The Veri-Com journey started in early 2006 and by the middle of that year we entered into discussions with the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce & Industry, JCCI to jointly start a verification agency.

By March 2007 we registered the company and in August 2007 issued the first certificate. It took us the best part of 18 months to issue the first 100 certificates. By comparison, our best output was 100 certificates in 13 days.

The SANAS journey got off to a real bumpy start. Our first accreditation visit in Feb 2009 resulted in 78 non-conformances and stern advice from the Lead assessor that we actually had a long way to go. We achieved our SANAS accreditation in May 2010.

The first 5 years were the most exciting, especially from a growth point of view. We basically doubled our turnover every year and at our peak, we had a staff complement of 30 people. In total, we issued about 10 000 certificates, the last one in June 2017.

During the nearly 10 years, our very successful verification internship programme introduced 21 young professionals to our industry, several of those that left us went on to carve a career in BEE as consultants or analysts, many achieving the coveted status of SANAS Technical Signatory. By choice, all of our interns were black and about half were female.

The Veri-Com journey was full of highs with a few lows and in the years we made many friends in the industry. We have clients that engaged with us in that first year that are still clients today.

The rules on consulting have been clear from the start and a verification agency may not verify a company that it provided consulting services to. This valid and necessary restriction, was increasingly becoming a challenge for us. Especially with the onset of the Amended Codes, we realised that we were better at consulting and we started to engage with our clients to offer services ranging from assessment of the impact that the Amended Codes may have on their business to comprehensive outcome based consulting engagement.

By late 2016, it was clear that we wanted to move all our emphasis to consulting and solutions. We tried to sell the company, after all, we built up a trusted brand and client base, but in the end we decided that we would rather keep our staff and clients in the family than handing them over to a willing buyer.

Our SANAS accreditation expired on 14 June 2017, bring the journey to a close.

Thank you to all our colleagues and clients past and present, that walked this road with us for nearly a decade.

Deon Oberholzer


We have a number of other services that we offer to our clients.

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