Independent Assessments

Gestalt is not a Verification Agency, but the Codes allow for certain reports to be completed by independent competent persons. Sometimes clients need an independent opinion, a competent persons report or an assessment of aspects of their compliance.

If you want to understand the impact that the Amended Codes or Sector Codes will have on your business, an Impact Assessment will give you a great start.

A preliminary assessment of the current or planned compliance of a client will identify any critical gaps. This will allow the client to take corrective actions to ensure optimum compliance prior to the end of their financial year.

Sometimes the rules change and a transaction is no longer optimised. We can assist by conducting an assessment of and existing or proposed ownership structure to review its compliance with the regulations and its effectiveness for the business.

This is an independent assessment of the compliance of a development programme to make sure that it meets the expanded requirements of the Amended Codes. It could also be and independent confirmation that a beneficiary meets the stated requirements.