BEE Consulting

Gestalt has developed strategies that can turn your scorecard compliance into a brand-edge over your competitors. Our services include a range of simple, effective business tools specifically developed to help business unravel the complexities of B-BBEE and to turn compliance into a measurable growth strategy.B-BBEE is not a ”one-off” exercise - it changes as your business evolves along with legislation.

Every company faces unique challenges, opportunities and requirements – and each works within the parameters of specific budgets, so Gestalt’s bespoke services and solutions suit your specific B-BBEE is not a ”one-off” exercise - it changes as your business evolves along with legislation. Every company faces unique challenges, opportunities and requirements – and each works within the parameters of specific budgets, so Gestalt’s bespoke services and solutions suit your specific circumstances.
The start of a sustainable transformation programme is sound strategy and planning. Sometimes a plan and a workshop is all you need to develop one. Sometimes you need all the help you can get. In both instances, we’re on your team.

BEE Ownership Services

Gestalt plays a meaningful role in assisting you to structure the best possible B-BBEE transaction for your business, advising you on the most effective options to restructure your business for the benefit of your shareholders. We facilitate the negotiations and implementation of the investment or sale of shares to a suitable B-BBEE-compliant investor/partner to maximise the benefit to your scorecard and build your best competitive advantage.

It’s our job to ensure you have a good understanding of the risks, opportunity and restrictions related to such a transaction, for the highest probability of sustainable success.

Skills Development Services

Specialising in Skills Development Facilitation, Gestalt follows a different approach to skills development than most. Our scorecard strategy means that instead of trying to spend your full B-BBEE budget, you spend only the portion that will get you the maximum number of points.

Depending on the option best suited for your needs, you may spend 15-25% of your skills target to get 80% of the points in the first year. The earlier we start with this in your financial year, the better the results.

Supply and Value Chain Transformation

The elevated requirement for procurement from black-owned and black women-owned suppliers is a major challenge for most organisations.

Gestalt’s Supply and Value Chain Transformation service investigates the entire value chain of your business to identify feasible and sustainable solutions for you.

Verification Support Services

The purpose of our Verification Support Services is to assist with the management of the verification readiness process, before entering the demanding procedure.
Services include a preliminary assessment to review the current status of your company and identify critical gaps. This enables you to take corrective action and ensure optimum compliance before the end of a financial year.

Our specialists will discuss the documentation requirement with the task team responsible for collating the documentary evidence required for verification. Once the documentation is completed by you, Gestalt will review it against the requirements set by the selected verification agency; then guide the project team to obtain the correct documentation. A client can include verification support as an optional service if they have insufficient internal resources to manage this.

Independent Assessments

Gestalt is not a Verification Agency, but the Codes allow for certain reports to be completed by independent competent persons.

Sometimes clients need an independent opinion, a competent persons report or an assessment of aspects of their compliance.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Finding the right local business/businesses to acquire or merge with is often a daunting task, especially if you represent an international business on a scouting trip.

We’re here to assist you with the fine details required by South African law.

International Clients and multinationals

For a foreign multinational to engage and enter the South African Economy can be a daunting task, yet there are many opportunities and a serious up-side if this is done correctly.What Makes South Africa unique and attractive with respect to the rest of Africa is the fact that we have a well-developed economy and a working financial and banking sector.

What can make South Africa challenging is that the government have adopted extensive and unique legislation and policies to change the way that money flows in the economy and has set on an aggressive path to do an extreme makeover of its fundamental drivers.

Gestalt Development Management

Gestalt facilitates and manages Enterprise and Supplier Development contributions on behalf of our clients.

This can be set up to achieve specific transformation and development objectives in the client’s supply chain, or simply to optimise B-BBEE scorecard recognition.

Workshops and training

Gestalt offers a range of Strategy and Training Workshops. Our two-hour strategy session with a company’s C-suite facilitated by the CEO of Gestalt is highly regarded.

In this session, we review the strategic imperatives for transformation and compliance, and a review of the challenges and opportunities that may be present is popular with executives.

Economic Development in Africa

Gestalt is working with governments and stakeholders across Africa, as well as the European Union and the South African Government, amongst others, to implement its unique, sustainable local economic development models in a number of different locations.

This includes enterprise development, unlocking procurement transformation to build new SMMEs, aquaculture, high value agricultural crops, mining, road and housing construction and brick making plants. All these opportunities are built on the framework of the Gestalt Rural Economic Development model.