Intombazane – The perfect BEE partner

Discover the transformative power of partnering with Intombazane, a leading Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) organisation focused on Ownership and Empowerment and dedicated to helping businesses succeed. With their extensive expertise in navigating the complex requirements of the BEE Codes, Intombazane offers customised solutions that maximise BEE Ownership scores while minimising disruption and investment.

When it comes to Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) in South Africa, finding the right partner is crucial for businesses. However, on the road to finding a partner, businesses often face a variety of challenges and according to Mannie Hirsch, Director and Trustee at Intombazane, in order to fit the bill as a BEE shareholder, there are a variety of important criteria that should be met.

” A well-structured BEE partner should provide its company of all critical considerations such as real empowerment, BEE points, business benefits, costs, risk, shareholder value, sustainability and its share purchase model are structured to provide such an optimum balance for the company”, says Hirsch.

Intombazane, understands the complex requirements of BEE Codes and offers customised structures to help businesses succeed. By prioritising real empowerment, business benefits, shareholder value, sustainability, and an optimum share purchase model, Intombazane is the ideal BEE shareholder for companies which operate in South Africa that require legitimate, compliant BEE ownership without the risk of fronting.

What Intombazane Offers:

With an impressive track record and successful partnerships with numerous companies, Intombazane is a BEE partner that works for your bottom line. The organisation’s deep understanding of the BEE Codes enables them to provide solutions that help businesses achieve the highest possible empowerment score with the lowest investment.
Intombazane offers three buy-in levels, allowing businesses to tailor their BEE ownership to their specific needs and goals.

  1. Just over 10% equity: This level ensures compliance with the Ownership Priority Element in the BEE Scorecard, preventing a drop in BEE level and earning between 14 and 16 points on the scorecard.
  2. Full 25% + 1 share equity: By achieving this level, businesses secure the maximum 25 ownership points on the BEE scorecard.
  3. More than 30% equity: This level not only secures the full points but also qualifies the company as a recognised Black Woman Owned entity.

Moreover, Intombazane has a valuable partnership with BEE consultant company Gestalt. With over 22 years of experience, Gestalt services offer guidance and provide key insights into BEE, simplifying the process and making it cost-effective and easy for businesses.

Gestalt plays a crucial role in marketing, promoting, and representing Intombazane as a transactional advisor and facilitator to identify and implement new investment opportunities and this partnership ensures that Intombazane delivers exceptional performance, enabling companies to achieve excellence across all parameters for a fully transformed economy.

Invested in young Black Women of South Africa

When it comes to your businesses, Intombazane is also paving the way forward for companies to operate impactfully in the country. The organisation achieves this by investing in the success of black South African women.

“Intombazane aims to go above and beyond to truly transform society and ensure that black South African women are represented in business and positions of power”, says Mokgadi Rameetse, Director and Trustee at Intombazane.

Intombazane, recognised as a 100% Black Women Owned entity with beneficiaries which are young black women under the age of 29, provides a platform for genuine transformation. This is achieved by maximising the use of its capital and investing in the education of these young black female beneficiaries.

“Over and above the optimised investment structuring, Intombazane aims to help strengthen the skills within businesses”, says Deon Oberholzer, Intombazane’s investment facilitator and Gestalt Group CEO.

This is achieved by giving companies the space to prescribe their preference of young black beneficiaries to the organisation. This adds a dimension of customisation to being a partner to Intombazane. Prescribing each shareholder’s preferred beneficiaries builds in alignment and relevance to industry and businesses.

“This ensures that while your business is building up its BEE levels, you are also building up your business with the relevant skills”, explains Oberholzer.

By investing in the education of young, black women, Intombazane is able to unlock relevant impact for each shareholder and ensure the tangible progression of women empowerment through business. This in turn guarantees the advancement of pragmatic shifts in gender equality in the country and the overall socio-economic development and growth of South Africa.

Choosing the right BEE partner is essential for businesses seeking meaningful empowerment and compliance. With Intombazane’s expertise, customised solutions, and commitment to empowering young black women, partnering with them can unlock both business growth and social impact. Discover the transformative power of working with Intombazane and pave the way for your business to thrive in a fully transformed economy.