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Supply and Value Chain Transformation

The elevated requirement for procurement from black-owned and black women-owned suppliers presents a major challenge to many organisations. Gestalt’s service takes a deeper look at the entire value chain of the business in order to identify feasible and sustainable alternatives.

To change your procurement, you really have only three options: You can get your current suppliers to be more compliant; you can find new suppliers; or you can develop emerging suppliers. also It requires thinking outside the box and possibly reassessing your entire value chain, including strategic acquisitions and sale of assets.

The Supplier Project assesses the comprehensive scope of the value chain of the business in order to set up an effective supply chain strategy and transformation plan. The project typically starts with a supply chain review workshop, followed by a data-gathering and assessment phase; and concluding with the approval of the Supply Chain Transformation Plan.

We review the current status of compliance of the supplier base of the client, and explore options to advance transformation in the vertical supply chain.

Gestalt will conduct a supplier assessment to identify opportunities for a supplier transformation project and to map out a proposed strategy for Procurement and Supplier Development. Several opportunities will be tested against the current procurement practices, including procurement clustering, revision of insourcing and outsourcing strategies, core and non-core activities, and a review of both supply and distribution channels.

From Plan to policy, the proposed strategy will be presented and discussed, then transformed into a project plan that could include a review of your procurement policies and objectives.