Gestalt is dedicated to driving Economic Development in Africa by collaborating with governments, stakeholders, and international entities such as the European Union and the South African Government. We have successfully implemented bespoke sustainable local economic development models in various locations across the continent.

Our models encompass a range of areas including enterprise development, procurement transformation to support the growth of new SMMEs, aquaculture, high-value agricultural crops, mining, road and housing construction, and brick making plants. Each opportunity is built upon the robust framework of the Gestalt Rural Economic Development model.

Our capacity building model, specifically designed for investment projects in Africa, follows a strategic approach. It begins with identifying the required infrastructure and services, conducting a comprehensive skills audit, securing funding, and implementing the necessary infrastructure development. We also provide management support and training to equip individuals with the skills necessary to work within the project. Additionally, we facilitate a phased-in process of community ownership and management, ensuring sustainable local participation and empowerment.

At Gestalt, we strongly advocate for the local manufacture of materials. We firmly believe that local manufacturing and production capacity are vital for economic development and long-term sustainability. We emphasize that governments should play a pivotal role in procuring services from their own people, empowering the citizens of a country to generate their own economic growth.

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