Enterprise & Supplier Development

Gestalt not only facilitates but also manages Enterprise and Supplier Development contributions on behalf of our clients. This comprehensive approach allows us to effectively achieve specific transformation and development objectives within the client’s supply chain. Additionally, our services are designed to optimize BEE scorecard recognition, ensuring maximum impact.

Socio-Economic Development

Our Socio-Economic Development services work in conjunction with other funds to support comprehensive development efforts. This includes fostering the growth of new Black owners, management, and staff within investment companies. We also assist in the recruitment of skilled staff for contributing companies. By focusing on socio-economic development, we contribute to broader societal transformation and empowerment.

Specialist or Industry Funds

Gestalt understands the significance of dedicated funds that cater to specific industries or common interests. These funds, often initiated by industry bodies or membership organizations, aim to promote development within a particular industry or sector. We provide management and support services for these funds, ensuring effective utilization and impactful development initiatives.

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