Gestalt’s Verification Support Services exist to assist our clients in their verification readiness processes, with a strong emphasis on Verification Support Services. 

Our approach revolves around comprehensive assistance to ensure our clients are fully prepared before undertaking a verification.

Firstly, we conduct a preliminary assessment of the client’s compliance plans, focusing on verification readiness. This meeting aims to outline the necessary information required to review the current status of company compliance and identify any critical gaps that need immediate attention. By addressing these gaps, our clients can take corrective action and ensure optimum compliance prior to the end of the financial year.

To support the verification process, we provide spreadsheets specifically designed for Employment Equity, Skills Development, and Procurement, all with a focus on verification. Our team of experienced consultants works closely with you to collate the required documents, ensuring that verification readiness is met.

Our price includes compliance documentation templates that specifically address Supplier and Enterprise Development as well as Socio Economic Development, all centered around verification support. These templates not only streamline the documentation process but also ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

After the financial year ends and the verification process is completed, our dedicated consultant meticulously reviews the gathered information against the requirements set by the selected verification agency. They guide the project team in obtaining the correct documentation, providing support as an optional service if internal resources are insufficient to manage this crucial step effectively. We understand the significance of verification support in achieving verification excellence.

At Gestalt, we are committed to delivering comprehensive support to our clients throughout the verification process. Our specialized Verification Support Services are tailored to streamline compliance, optimize readiness, and ensure a smooth verification experience. Partner with us today to benefit from our expertise in verification support and achieve verification excellence.

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