Gestalt recognizes the importance of Independent Assessments in the BEE  landscape. While we are not a verification agency, the BEE codes allow for certain reports to be completed by independent competent persons. Clients often seek an independent opinion, a competent persons report, or an assessment of specific aspects of their compliance.

Assessment Services

Our Assessment Services Package is designed to assist you in evaluating your BEE Transformation and ensuring readiness for your financial year-end. This comprehensive package is developed to optimize cost and efficiency for clients, providing a thorough assessment of their transformation process and ensuring the achievement of B-BBEE targets.

Ownership Assessments

In the face of changing rules and regulations, transactions may no longer be optimized for compliance. Gestalt offers assistance by conducting assessments of existing or proposed ownership structures. These assessments review compliance with regulations and evaluate the effectiveness of the structure for the business.

Independent Socio-Economic Development, Supplier Development, and Enterprise Development Reports and Documentation Packs

Our Independent Assessment services encompass the compliance evaluation of development programs to ensure they meet the expanded requirements of the Amended Codes. We provide independent confirmation that a beneficiary meets the stated requirements. These assessments and documentation packs serve as critical tools to verify compliance and demonstrate adherence to BEE standards.

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